Hello Saturday, so glad to see you…

It’s Cold. It’s raining. My fingers refuse to be on a keyboard. Instead, they prefer to jump in and out of my mouth. The Cold is not the best weather to try and stay away from comfort food. Like freshly baked croissants and hot coffee. Okay, enough nibbling, and on with this post.

It is overwhelming writing everything down as they happen, so I have decided (and hope to stick with) a weekly review. That way I can put down all the great things that happened and not have to put up individual blogs about them.

Over the weekend, I decided that come Monday, I would get my act together and go back to my fitness goals even if it kills me. Yes,  I almost died after my tennis session on Tuesday, but more about that later.

MONDAY 2nd November

I finally decided to take up the invite to attend a dinner hosted by the YWSE (Young Women Social Entrepreneurs) Nairobi Chapter. And boy was I glad that I did. YWSE brings together women who are founders and leaders within businesses, non-profits, and government organizations with a social consciousness. I came across several women from various fields, and across a breadth of talent. The highlight was an speech by the founder, who will soon be migrating to another country.

I came to learn that several board members were leaving, and their positions were up for voluntary take-up. I volunteered. Waiting to hear more about that soon.

TUESDAY 3rd November

The weather forecast predicted heavy showers early morning, and late afternoon. So when I walked out of the gym to a sunny sky, I was hoping the latter prediction would come true so I had a genuine excuse not to show up for tennis. But alas, i guess the gods of rain wanted a laugh at my expense, and I did end up going. Grey clouds were cowering but no rain in sight. With each smash of the ball i was wishing i was home, sipping tea or just sprawled on my bed relaxing. So when 10mins before time, when the heavens broke, I couldn’t have been happier. I am not saying I hate Tennis. I did always want to play, but its becoming overwhelming. Yet, I do not want to relent. I have to push harder if I am going to play that tournament next year.

WEDNESDAY 4th November

I could not wake up in the morning. Since swimming is off the cards due to the rains, I had decided to instead go to the club and either take up an aerobics class or just walk on the track. But, my body defeated me. So I gave in to my inviting bed and slept just a little longer that usual.

Surprise, the power of Networks! I got two ladies calling me up for some design work.

The first is a fellow blogger (catch her on http://www.meandmine-r.blogspot.com) who wanted some business cards designed. So i commissioned that work for her.

The second has an online jewellery store, http://www.kipatounbranded.com. She has some amazing pieces, and gives 50% of all proceeds to the artists. Is that not amazing?

THURSDAY 5th November

The day was a wet and gloomy one. It rained most of the time and that means we get no business. So spent the whole day seated at my desk, staring at my phone. Oh don’t judge me. The internet connection was down till the afternoon and that is when i was able to catch up on my emails and correspondence.

I was looking forward to the evening as I was meeting my most favorite person for dinner. My dearest friend and confidant meet once in a while to catch up. We both took a self-development course back in 2011 when we met, and have continued our friendship to this date. We have also both struggled with our weight, and when I saw her, she had lost 25Kgs in 3 months, thanks to a programme known as Fat loss Labs. (www.fatlosslab.co.ke)

I would love to give it a shot. Not so much for the weight but for the fact that it can regularize my hormones and bring the insulin sensitivity to normal. I will make a point to go see them before the week is over. This is however quite a costly programme and hence requires a lot of dedication.

FRIDAY 6th November

The most awaited day of the week. Work has been quiet. And by that I mean there cannot be enough FB posts or Instagram shout-outs to fill the hours then went by so slowly. Finally time to close, and off I was. Mum and I usually go out for dinner on Fridays, and last night we went out to a local BBQ joint hashmisbbq.com. They have the most amazing Poussin chicken and mixed grill that is definitely worth a try.


SATURDAY 7th November

And finally,  I am just having my breakfast, finishing this blog, heading to work in a bit. While the weather will dictate what I get up to, I have booked a consultation with Fat Loss Labs Kenya and will be going to see them at 2pm this afternoon. I have prepared a whole list of questions for the consultant, especially related to my fitness routine and emotional eating.

The week has been good, so far. I have stuck to my lunch time protein and salad, and in the evenings, Because of an stressful situation I had to deal with come Thursday, and it spilled over to Friday, I did indulge in (a lot of) chocolates.

I worked out three times this week. Wednesday I was in pain because of tennis, and Friday, it was raining and I just could not be bothered to get out of bed.

My Goals for Next Week:

  • Eat Healthier
  • Work Out at least 4 times
  • No Chocolates during the Week
  • Get back to food-journaling
  • Take more Pictures for the blog

So, on till next week, have a fabulous weekend, and Keep Smiling!



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