November Goals

So, another month, another set of goals. And a long list of them I might say. But if approached methodically, then they should be attainable.

October was a real haphazard month. I fell sick right in the middle of it, and am still struggling to gain back my strength. But it is through falling and getting up again that things become clear. Like they have for me, this November.

  1. Health and Fitness Goals

So I have fallen off the wagon. I haven’t swam in weeks and endurance levels have gone down to nothing. This month, hoping the weather improves, I plan to kick start swimming again, and have already mapped out replacement activities such as aerobics, or walking/sprinting. I want to try out some Yoga. That would be interesting. Tennis is, sorry to say, hell. I am having a hard time coping with the level of cardio and energy it requires. But I will not quit. Hopefully, I will play in the next year’s communal games. The Gym still remains my all time favorite happy place. And starting this month, together with my trainer, we are going to target endurance training with increased cardio and weigh training. That should shock the hormones, LOL!

  1. Food Goals

Ahhhh, my favorite part. I have thrown all caution to the wind and been splurging on carbs and chocolates. After my two week interval at the Gym, everyone had lost weight, and only one reason was resonating from everyone “Ive cut off carbs completely” . Well, November will be No carbs and No Chocolate month (well, maybe just on weekends). I will increase my intake of Green Tea and infused water, and start ACV again.

  1. Social Goals

I do not have a social life per say. I am usually just stuck behind my computer or in Instagram. I have joined a Young Women Social Entrepreneurs” Forum group that meets once a month. They have interactive talks along with dinner every first Monday of the month. I have also made it a point to get out some more. Take up those invites from friends to meet and greet. Just need to find the will to stay away from the sofa and telle with a cup of tea

  1. Financial Goals

I have stuck to my decision of not buying any clothes or shoes or makeup till 15th December. I am saving the money to get some items off my Wish list, and hoping by then I would have lost the weight I gained during my illness, and then be able to get a new wardrobe.

  1. Career Goals

In my October Post, I mentioned I was interviewing for a position in an rep office for an Off-Shore Bank. I aced the interview, and not I am just waiting for the licenses to come up and premises to be done up, so I can start from December, IA. The job will be a challenging one, since I will be taking care of HR, Management, Payrol, Admin and PA all rolled into one. I am excited about it. A little apprehensive, as my current job has become my “comfort zone” and I usually just sit around and do nothing. But life, and careers, begin at the end of our comfort zones, so I am ready to take up the challenges, and learn all that I can in the banking sector.

  1. Religious Goals

I kept the best for the Last. I have always been a church mouse when I comes to communal activities. But this year, I changed that. Going by a speech our religious head gave during one of his lectures in Muharram, I managed to to get a local magazine to help get the message of Imam Hussein (as) and Islam across. It was surreal seeing the front page coverage in the magazine. I honestly was not expecting this. And it has given me the confidence to be a more active member of my Community.


With all the above to achieve, I still want to make time for my reading. I have acquired a number of books without really knowing, and I now need to make time to read them

So, lets get ready to start checking-off this month’s goals, one by one.


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