October Musings….

Hello again after a long spell of awkward silence…
So much happening that it was hard to put things down. Well, I finally managed to make some time and get working on this.

October is one of my favorite months. Jacaranda trees are in full bloom, and everywhere you look you see pretty purple flowers. Just be careful when walking on a road laden with these flowers, Not a happy feeling when your ass meets the gravel. Lol!!!

This October was a busy month with my community commemorating Muharram, the Islamic New year. Belonging to the Shia sect, we start of the year commemorating and mourning the sacrifice of Hussain (as). Check our http://www.whoishussain.org for more details.

blogThis year, I contributed to spreading the message of Hussain (as) by getting a local paper to interview the Sheikh and cover the event. Other members were able to get a radio station to host the Sheikh for a live chat on-air. This was a huge achievement as never before were such forms of media used to spread awareness about this event and the significance of the Month to Shia Muslims in Kenya.

I have not been very keen with my workouts this month. On the 15th, I caught a terrible cold that took me down for almost two weeks, during which I gave into my cravings for a lot of Chocolates and freshly made Croissants (which i decked with loads of butter), I am hoping to recover by end of the month so that I may start a rigorous routine in November, IA.

I did however manage to make my own Kefir. Don’t ask how it tastes. The first time I tried it I gagged. But three weeks down I am now used to it. Tip for eating Kefir: Do not breathe while attempting to swallow.

Lots of Curve Balls thrown my way this month too. A very dear friend went down with some rare disorder, and it has been painful watching them try to cope with something that is difficult to understand. Although I have stood by them and still continue to do so, the emotional stress is taxing. Friends and family continue to pray and support them through this, and I ask any reader to kindly say a prayer for all people in your life and away fighting with any sort of ailments.

I have an interview lined up with an Off-Shore Bank. I know it is not wise to change jobs and careers this late in life, but life is all about change. I feel stunted and under-utilized in my current Job, and the start-up seems like a good challenge. So fingers crossed, and I shall keep you posted.

Well, that is it lovelies. October is almost over and so it the year. Wish you all a Happy Halloween and catch you again next month!



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