What Next?

Hello Lovelies….

If you have been reading the Asian Weekly articles, then you probably know that the 12-week challenge has come to an end. 4.7kg and 22.5 inches later, I have been left with the question of, What Next?

Although I an still very much active in my fitness journey, I decided to change things around a little.

I changed my membership plan at the Gym, and instead of hitting the gym five times a week, I now go three times a week and compensate the other two days with swimming. I still play tennis in the evening, and am now looking into joining Yoga.

How do I feel? Well,swimming is relaxing. I have been so used to the strenuous gym routines where a workout was only considered one if you come out of it aching and paining. I swim for 40 mins and manage 20 laps with some exercises in the pool. I must say, swimming is kind to my back, but I do feel like I have become a little lazy. (maybe its the relaxation).

Everyone vouches that swimming is the best exercise and helps tone the body. I am yet to see results at this has been my 3rd week and 7th swimming session to date.

I am still seeing my nutritionist and we keep “experimenting” with different food plans. This week, or rather for the next two weeks she has put me off Non-Vegetarian food. And I shall be going totally vegetarian. (Eugh!) (Can’t help it, I love my meat)

Weight loss and Inch-loss this week has been small, due to water retention.

There was a weight loss of 300gms and Inch loss of 3.25 kilos.

The journey continues. I will soon be introducing “Kefir” into my food plan, and have already made the culture.

Will tell you more about that next time.

Till then, stay happy and Keep moving…


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