Week 12 : Just show up…for YOURSELF

It was one of those grueling afternoons. The sun was hot, the week had started off on a bad note, and I half-heartedly went for my tennis session and ended up playing pathetically. A four year old could have played better. After our game, my coach and I usually have a chit chat, and this particular afternoon he said something that struck a chord.

I have had days when I wake up and ask myself, why am I doing all this? Why am I getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym and get tortured? Why am I (now natural processes) making “healthy” choices when I could easily have fries for lunch every day? The weight will not shift. The Insulin will still rage havoc in my body. So why am I constantly pushing myself out of my Comfort Zone and denying myself the simple pleasures in life (READ: Food)?

It is during that particular conversation that we had, where I realized that, not for the weight loss or the Insulin, but I’m doing this for “ME”. So that I can be better than I was yesterday, and come tomorrow, I can tell somebody else out there struggling with the same, not to give up, to keep doing what they are doing, and to keep showing up, for themselves.

The struggle is not easy, but giving up is not an option. A disappointing weigh-in with no weight loss only means that I have to push even harder. I read a lot on Insulin Resistance and I am a member of several online workout groups that focus specifically on this condition. There are several women who have posted stories of success, of combating PCOS and Insulin Resistance with just clean eating and exercise. So, this only means that if I try a little harder, push myself a little further, I can beat this thing.

As for anyone out there who is struggling with the same condition, please know, DO NOT give up. We must aspire to inspire before we expire!

My Stats:

Weight Loss for  Week 12: 0.00 Kgs

Inch Loss for Week 12: -5.75 Inches

Total Weigh (Loss) / Gain: (2.2Kgs)

Total Inch (Loss / Gain): (14.25 inches)


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