12 Week Review : An Attitude of Gratitude – Small thing that makes a BIG Difference

It’s been an amazing 12 weeks. Thank you all for keenly following me on my journey.

As you came to know, I lead a healthy lifestyle. I came into this challenge looking for a way to combat my insulin resistance which was affecting my weight-loss. Although medication does play a major part in controlling sugar levels, sometimes, what you eat (or don’t) also matters.

I was on a no-carb, high-protein diet for a long time. I had come to understand, that this was the best way to help Insulin Sensitivity. Apparently, not all bodies react to food in the same way. With the Lifestyle Challenge, I learnt that by eliminating Carbohydrates completely from my body, I was not helping my body. Because I exercise in the AM, my body needs energy to sustain itself during this rigorous state, and since I was not fueling it well, I was affected with dizzy spells and lethargy upon waking. With introduction of moderate carbs, I no longer feel fuzzy in the morning, and can work out better.

Just as our body gets used to the foods we feed it, it also gets accustomed to the kind of activity it does. Our weight-loss plateau following the 2.4 Kgs weight-loss, made us realize that my body was used to the routine I was following. Deciding to rotate the activities on a weekly basis ensured a steady, albeit slow, weight-loss.

You do recall at the start of the Challenge, the blood works showed a deficiency in my Vitamin D levels. Well, I am pleased to report that these have now been corrected. Moreover, my Insulin Resistance is under control and Insulin Sensitivity has improved.

Although at the end of these 12 weeks I may not be where I would have liked to be, I am certainly far from where I stated. Kajal has helped me come a long way in understanding what my body responds to, and not to deprive it of essential foods. For those of you who are trying to improve or change your lifestyles, remember Rome was not built in a day. Consistency is Key. Once you find out what works best for you, work with it. And be patient. In parting, Keep Healthy, and Keep Moving!


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