Week 9 : Have Faith that can move Mountains…

Hello readers. Last week I mentioned how slow progress is still progress, and it is at times like this that such words gives me the faith and resilience to move on.

If you have been following my progress here, you will have noticed that we have been moving along at what some like to refer to as snail pace. Although there has been significant inch-loss, weight loss has been insignificant and sometimes inconspicuous.

Well, dear readers, welcome to my world, or should I say, that of Insulin Resistance. Being a member of several health and workout groups, I always get motivated on “Transformation Tuesdays” when people post their “Before” and “After” progress pictures, outlining how in a span of 12 months (sometimes less) they have managed to loss hundreds of pounds ( sometimes even 300 lbs) and come down from a dress size 24 to a to a dress size 10, all though exercise and clean eating.

Well, I exercise and eat clean too, but sadly, Insulin Resistance caps such progress and it takes much longer for someone like me to boast of such successes. However, I have learned that with Insulin Resistance, weight-loss is not the only benchmark for progress. You can measure your success, in terms of better sleep patterns, relief from hypoglycemia (the blurry vision I used to experience on waking up), feeling more energetic and less lethargic, less aching muscles and fatigue, which are some of the ills of Insulin Resistance.

Although I was put on a Detox at the begging of this week and could only follow through half way due to work concerns, I stuck to the meal plan as closely as I could. I also continued with the HiiT exercises, in spite of experiencing high muscle fatigue (this is more for people with Insulin Resistance) and have started eating fruits again, before bedtime, with my water intake being up to par.

I know that I am doing everything right, and just have to hang in there and keep at it. Victory, one day will be mine.

My Stats:

Weight Loss for Week 9: -2.40Kgs
Inch Loss for Week 9: -0.75 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: (1.90 Kgs)
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (7.50 Inches)


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