I have been eager to get back to the Challenge after Ramadhan, and it was encouraging to note a reduction in numbers in the first week back. Albeit small, at least the scale shifted in the downward direction. This means that Insulin Sensitivity is on the mend.

It has been quite a week getting back to my routine, but the fact that we have only a few weeks left to the end of this Challenge there is no time to lax.

Come Monday, I was at the gym a whole half hour earlier than my regular time. My trainer and I agreed to ease into training by focusing more on Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts on the Bike and Treadmill to help kick start the metabolism and combine a few weight-training sessions. I also got my dose of cardio from my long evaded session of Tennis, which I must say I quite enjoyed (I hope my coach is not reading this otherwise he will surely turn things up a notch higher next week).

They say it takes at least 21 days to break a habit. I guess I broke my “eating” habit with 30 days of fasting. With the mind being “conditioned” to eat only two meals a day, I had to set an alarm to prompt me to consume my “small and frequent meals”. Although my intervals between meals have been long, I managed to have most of my meals (this is so reminiscence of the time when mum packed my school break and it went back home… unopened). In order to further rev up the BMR (Basic Metabolism Rate), the coordinator advised I go on an all-liquid diet and Detox beginning of next week. So we have that to look forward to.

I am happy about my water intake being back to par. I can do without sodas and juices, but I carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go.

Although the programme was interrupted due to Ramadhan, I am keen to observe the changes it will bring to the Insulin Resistance. Let’s keep moving…

My Stats:

Weight Loss for Week 8: +600gms
Inch Loss for Week 8: +3.5 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: 500gms
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (6.75 Inches)


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