Maybe it was just me, but the final week of Ramadhan felt somewhat prolonged.

I was in complete Burn-Out, and if there was a word to describe the week, I think it would have been “LOW”

Water intake was LOW.
Food Intake was LOW.
Energy Levels were LOW.
Gym Activity was LOW. (Read non-existent except for the stretches at home)
Metabolism was (s)LOW.

So, when I came for my weigh-in, I was not surprised when the scales had pushed upwards significantly, hence making me feel LOW.

Okay, so in spite of continuing with my exercises during the Month, I didn’t lose any weight (which is the most common fixation associated with fasting). I did however get a Physical Detox and Body Cleanse. Apart from the “increased spiritual connection”, I had improved mental clarity. My relationship with food has been renewed and I have been able to understand and reset poor eating (eliminating carbohydrates altogether) and lifestyle habits (not getting enough hours of sleep to help the body’s metabolism kick in).

With Ramadhan over, I cannot wait to Kick start the Challenge again. Although the Food content remains very much the same, (with carbohydrates still being very much part of the food plan) small, frequent meals have been re-introduced. Breakfast remains high protein and at least I will be able to resume my water intake.

Since I only “rested” for a week, getting back to the gym will not be that difficult. I will give myself a week to regain strength, and then take it up from there. I am considering changing my routine a little bit. Maybe add some Yoga or go for some HiiT Classes. Monotony bores me, and after all variety (even in fitness) is the spice of life.

So, with masts up, and the winds right, let’s set sail again…

My Stats:

Weight Loss for Week 7: -300gms
Inch Loss for Week 7: – 4.75 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: (100gms)
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (10.25 Inches)


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