Week 5 : RAMADHAN….Let the REAL Hunger Games begin..

Welcome to the third week of fasting. While the other contestant spoke of his fascination with food last week, I, on my side, seem to have lost appetite. I anticipate this at this time during Ramadhan when food becomes of no consequence and your spiritual obligations set in. Your body works on “auto-pilot” mode with minimum food and rest, and you find yourself being lethargic and struggling to structure your thoughts (as was the case for me while trying for three days to write this review). But the end is almost near, and we continue to tread forward.

Coming to the Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge, going by the results of last week, the coordinator decided to make some game-changing alterations to my food plan. Since it could be possible that my body was not processing Proteins well at night, she proposed increasing my Protein intake in the morning and upping Carbohydrates consumption in the evening. Sure enough, this did bring about a downward shift in both the scales and the measurements.

I had a good week at the gym, with energy levels elevated. However, these tapered off towards the end of the day and all I could think about was going home and catching a few Zzz’s before Iftar time. Surprisingly, I did enjoy a one-and-a-half hour session of tennis towards during the week.

Water intake has been poor. Somehow, time seems to run out on me before I can finish my required intake of water in the evening, hence a slow metabolism was typical.

Next week will pose as a snag. Being the last days of Ramadhan, there will be a lot of late nights at the mosque. I can already anticipate frugal meals, low water intake, minimum sleep and low energy levels, but I shall take each day as it comes. One must do, what one has to to, and so, on to next week.

My Stats:

Weight Loss for Week 5: +100gms
Inch Loss for Week 5: +0.75 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: (300gms)
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (3.75 Inches)


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