Week 3 : “Turn over the rudder in God’s name, and sail with the wind heaven sends us”

Belated Ramadhan everyone.

I stepped into the week with trepidation. How was the weight that I put on last week going to come off? Well, IT DID!!!

I know! Surprised? Me too. Especially when it was the week that Ramadhan started, and for a change, I was not breaking my fast with grilled chicken or fish and boiled vegetables, as I did last year. Do not be misled; I did not indulge in fried Asian delicacies (yet!). However, I still incorporated carbohydrates and proteins in my meals with a lot of salads and yogurt.

A common misconception about Ramadhan is that one can eat a lot after opening their fast. On the contrary, I find myself quickly satisfied with a hot cup of tea, and I usually have to force myself to eat my main meal. To overcome this, the coordinator suggested that I start off with a clear soup before my main meal. This would help open up the “food ways” for later. She also advised to have “something sweet” afterwards, to aid in digestion.

With the onset of Ramadhan, sleep is almost non-existent. As a result, my metabolism has slowed down, and since water consumption is low, there is some dehydration. I try to “drink up” as much water as I can to combat the slow metabolism and dehydration.

With energy levels low, and sleep paramount, I have had a hard time keeping up with my workouts. I even gave tennis a miss this week. But I anticipate energy levels to rise next week as the body gets used to fasting.

So, in spite of all these challenges, the coordinator managed to shift the paradigm. Hope is renewed. I look forward to next week with Captain’s hands on the helm.

My Stats:

Weight Loss for Week 3: +300gms
Inch Loss for Week 3: -0.45 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: (100gms)
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (1 Inch)


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