Week 2 : Learn to Trust The Process…

It has been a daunting week this one. It started off with extreme refluxes, disturbed sleep patterns, and a thwarting weigh-in at the end of the week.

The refluxes and sleep patterns were easy to cope with. However, what I was not prepared for, was the shocking weigh-in.

It did not come as a surprise (to the coordinator!) when the scales tipped upwards this week. “ It was expected”, she said. “This means your body is responding to the changes we are making”. I had no choice but to watch with a lump in my throat, as I saw not just my weight, but also my measurements increase.

It was difficult eating without guilt, and now, I had added weight and inches to show for it. “So, I’m not eating anymore?” I asked the coordinator, to which she replied, with composed demure, “Nope! You’re still eating!”.

In my mind I could simply picture myself turning into a balloon. I have been struggling not to “add” any weight, if not “lose” any, and now the coordinator want’s me to EAT MORE!! But then, I remembered that this is a process, and I have to trust it. And thus, eat I must.

So, leaving the weight and measurements aside, I could say that the first week saw me with an improved metabolism. Plus, the hazy feeling I would get in the morning (which was related to unstable insulin levels upon waking) was slowly diminishing and was almost gone towards the end of the week.

I began my weekly Vitamin D supplements, and continued to incorporate carbohydrates into my meals. I must say I have enjoyed eating “normal food” , but I do make sure that I still have a salad with my meals.

I usually suffer from disturbed sleep patterns, and this has nothing to do with the change in diet. Although, it did affect my performance at the gym, as when you hardly get in four hours of sleep during the night, and hit the gym in the morning, you kind of tend to ask yourself, did you workout, or not?

In any case, it has been a rocky week, but were it not for the rough seas and strong winds, how would we learn to adjust our sails?

My Stats:

Weight-Loss for Week 2: -1.2Kgs
Inch-Loss for Week 2: -3.8 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: (200gms)
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (.55 inches)


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