Week 11 : Maybe Serial Killers are just regular people on a NO-CARB Diet

And we have another drop in the numbers. Not as significant, but none the less the downward trend seems to have begun.

Unfortunately, I slacked with my gym routine this week. I may have injured by back with tennis and had to skip the gym the following morning. I had a terrible lower back pain that went shooting down my left leg. Someone suggested I get myself checked for sciatica. Although a few stretches and some painkillers, the pain subsided by Saturday and I was able to sit down and lie flat again. However, should this sort of pain re-appear then I will definitely take up the suggestion and get myself checked for “Sciatic neuralgia”.

I have been spoiled for choice with my meal plans. Back in the days (the No-Carb ages) I used to allow myself a single indulgence of Poussin Chips for lunch on Friday. Half a portion of the greasiest, “chilliest” chips you can find in town. These days, even though I consume Carbs in moderation, I still have the stigma of guilt. It is common belief that Carbs are bad for the body, when in fact, Carbs are just as essential as Proteins or Fats. I have learnt this the hard way. My body was starved of all carbs to an extent that my Metabolic Rate hit rock bottom, and getting it back up is a challenge we hope to overcome. So, take it from me, next time someone tells you to eliminate carbs from your diet, do not listen to them until you have done your research well.

Well, here I am now, carb-feasting. And I am not just sticking to “negative” carbs, (I was once told if I absolutely must eat carbs, I should eat “negative Carbs”) but going full-out. It is impossible for food to have “negative Carbohydrates” maybe more fiber, but just in case you, like me, are curious about this phenomenon, then know that negative carbs have a bad attitude. I don’t like the way that broccoli is looking at me. Is it a bad Carb?

My Stats:

Weight Loss for Week 11: NIL
Inch Loss for Week 11: +2.0 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: (2.20Kgs)
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (8.5 Inches)


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