I really was not looking forward to my review this week, especially with the results we had last week. Both the coordinator and I were disappointed for our own reasons. the coordinator was stupefied about her approach not working. For me, it was another shot in the dark that missed the target.

So, distraught, I stepped onto the weighing scale. I was already expecting another disappointing outcome, so as I stood still, I kept going over the numerous tricks and methods that I had used to overcome my condition. Suddenly, I heard a squeal. I looked at the coordinator and she ordered me, “DO NOT MOVE!” When I finally did look down, Lo and Behold! The numbers were short 2.4Kgs than last week’s.

2.4Kgs. in a single week! That is, in seven days. (Well actually 5. Weekends don’t count as I throw all caution to the wind then). We were both in disbelief. I think I actually saw tears of Joy in the coordinator’s eyes as I had my hands clasped over my mouth and my eyes wide open in total shock.

We finally achieved a shift. A HUGE shift by my standards. This is no ordinary loss in weight. Had I been “normal”, this would have been regular. But with Insulin Resistance, achieving a weight loss this “huge” can only mean that the Insulin Sensitivity is improving and my metabolic rate is beginning to rise.

This is still a trial. But whatever we are doing seems to have triggered the weight loss. I am already anxious about next week’s review. If the scales still go down that means that we are on the correct path to correcting my condition.

I honestly do not know what to do or say next. I’m literally eating myself silly, or better put, I’m eating my way to better health. Many people still pose the question, “So, how is the DIET going?” . Nobody believes that I am NOT on any diet. Diets only provide short-term solutions to what could be long-term underlying issues. What everyone needs to understand is that this is a Lifestyle change, not a diet. The changes you make to your lifestyle will stick with you forever. Want proof? Google: Ernestine Shepherd.

My Stats:

Weight Loss for Week 10: -300gms
Inch Loss for Week 10: -3 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain: (2.20Kgs)
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: (10.5 Inches)


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