Week 1 : The Journey Begins…

Well, the first week of the challenge is over. I had reservations that this was going to be a tough one with diets and all sorts of “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. However, I was elated when all I got was a whole list of “DO’s”. As I had mentioned earlier, I was intrigued with the approach the coordinator had suggested she would take to handle my case.

I started the first week of the challenge with an interesting detox concoction which I was to take for three days together with a special detox diet. Although, the food choices during the detox were limited to fruits and vegetables only, that was the easy part. The difficult part came next…. food heaven.

Because I had been on a high protein diet for some time, the coordinator decided to shock my body by reintroducing carbohydrates into my diet. I sort of felt like Gretel (from Hansel and Gretel). The food plan that the coordinator laid out for me was no less than being in the Candy house. (well, in my case, Carb House). With an open menu, I was encouraged to eat everything from cheese on toast to parathas (Indian Bread) for breakfast, and rice and rotis (another type of Indian Bread) for lunch and dinner.

As I had been off Carbohydrates, I started experiencing a lot of reflux. However, I appreciate the coordinator being available to attend my distress calls and suggesting simple remedies for these that surely worked.

My gym regime was changed as well to incorporate more cardio cycles. I know my trainer is happy about this as now he has an official ticket to kill me!

How do I feel about this first week? The detox diet was a little tough as breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner were all either fruits or vegetables. I did notice that my energy levels did change, as I felt more energetic.

Thank Heavens, there was no weigh in or measurements this week. The scale and I have not been the best of friends for a while, and I’m always anxious when it is time to get weighed.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy the journey. Ramadhan is around the corner and it will be interesting to see how the coordinator plans to tackle this.

So, with our Anchors stowed, let us set sail again. Next Port of Call: “Week Two”!

My Stats:

Weight-Loss for Week 1: +1.4Kgs
Inch-Loss for Week 1: +3.25 Inches

Total Weight (Loss) / Gain : +1.4Kgs
Total Inch (Loss) / Gain: +3.25 Inches


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