Swimming it…

If you have read my post in Health and Fitness, you have probably understood my desperation. And, as they say, desperate times call for Desperate measures.

Since I Climbed Mt. Longonot, I have been looking for ways to increase my endurance. And because monotony puts me off, I decided , come September, I shall be changing my routine.

Because Tennis is working out to be expensive, I slotted in two swimming session per week. And today, was my first.

I have not swum in years. But, just like riding a bicycle, I suppose one never forgets how to swim.

So off I was, at 6am this morning, I was off to Swim in my Burkini. For those of you wondering what a Burkini is, it is basically a modest swim suit that fails its purpose.

Its is the first time I have put it on, and although you are fully covered, the fabric still clings to you, and rides up your back annoyingly. I shall now have to wear another costume, underneath it to prevent any skin from showing.

I managed 12 laps in 50 minutes, which by my standards was not to bad considering I swam after 6 years (Or is it more?).

Hopefully, I will have managed to up my cardio level with swimming and in the process get rid of the weight Plateau that I now find myself in.


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