Intro : The Asian Weekly Lifestyle Challenge

When The Asian Weekly announced its Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge open for contenders, it could not have come at a more warranted time. I didn’t stop to think twice, and immediately wrote to the coordinator and challenged her to help me out.

Being an ardent and passionate gym goer (come rain or shine), and having an intense cardio and weight lifting routine, I watch what I eat and 90% of the time, it is “clean”. However, my weight and measurements have not changed for a long time.

I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance in 2008, and have been struggling with losing weight since then. I have a 9 to 5 job, which is mostly sedentary, and hence I make it a point to exercise regularly and eat healthy. In spite of the vigorous gym regime and diet, neutralizing the insulin and losing weight has been problematic. With constant fluctuations in weight and insulin levels, and popping numerous pills, I had gotten to a point where I was frustrated. I was tired of doctors constantly telling me ” You need to exercise at least 30 mins a day, do a brisk walk, and watch what you eat” when in fact I wished they could step into my shoes for a day and “struggle” at the gym and eat what I ate.

So, after speaking with the coordinator, and having reviewed my condition, I felt renewed hope. Her approach was very simple, which was surprising. I was amazed with how she re-introduced foods that I had long since abandoned in the name of “clean eating”, and encouraged me to “eat”. I look forward to this new “simplified” approach to help bring down my insulin levels and see a shift in the scales. However, being a “foodie” I am a bit concerned with my new found freedom to eat all my favorite foods again …..( mmmm, I smell biriyani).

The Coordinator’s confidence and assurance has left me with no choice but to give her control of the helm. So, with the Captain aboard, and our ship ready to sail, I cannot wait to embark on this fitness challenge….. Ahoy! Everyone lets sail away!


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